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robot program

learn and teach robots​ Provides educational services. Classes are conducted over a 10-week course. 

Robot Cognitive Stimulation Instructor

In line with the 4th industry, Robot Cognitive Stimulation Instructor is a certificate responsible for educating elderly care and dementia patients with robots. 

Test (Written, Practical)

The grades are divided into 1st and 2nd grades, and proceeds through written and practical evaluations.  

Class Content and Curriculum

1. Curriculum (10 weeks in total)

   -Week 1: Orientation and the concept of the elderly
  -Week 2 : The concept of dementia
  -Week 3 : Concept of robot
  -Week 4: Smile Flower-PIO Introduction and Instructions for Use
  -Week 5: Smile Flower-PIO Program Practice 1
  -Week 6 : Smile Flower-PIO Program Practice 2
  -Week 7:  Smile Flower-PIO Program Practice 3
  -Week 8: Smile Flower-PIO Program Practice 4
  -Week 9: Smile Flower-PIO Program Practice  Simulation Class 1
  -Week 10: Smile Flower-PIO Program
 Practice  Simulation Class 2

2. Organizations that have participated so far

   Seongbuk 50 Plus Center, Gwanak Women's Human Resources Development Center 


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