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Robot PIO

Can it Really Help

with Dementia Prevention?

A Proven and Trusted Service,

We Proudly Introduce Our Solution.

Dementia prevention is

all about timing.

Start using Dementia Care

Robot 'PIO' now.


IF 6.4 points SCIE Journal Frontiers in Public Health

Original Article Publication

Improvement in

Cognitive Function, Depression, and Loneliness

with the Use of Robot 'PIO'

  (February 2023)

15%p improvement in cognitive function

Depression and loneliness improved

by 12%p and 26%p respectively

피오로봇_연구결과 그래프이미지2.png

Robot PIO

More than 750 elderly

are actively using

in dementia centers

in Republic of Korea.


Robot 'PIO' is designed for elderly

to use independently at home.

1. Simply connect the power, and the robot will provide instructions on how to use it.

2. Each content is accompanied by instructional videos and tutorials.

3. It can be used even without an internet connection.

10 minutes a day

Invest in brain exercise.

Start using Dementia Care

Robot 'PIO' now.


Youtube Video


If you wish to use Robot Pio

Please check the above information thoroughly.

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