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Robot MOMO

Introducing a unique robotic companion

for children with special needs.

Learning Emotional Comprehension through Interaction with MOMO

See the Results by Yourself.

Emotion comprehension is

The Foundation of Communication.

Start using Emotion Comprehension

Robot 'MOMO' now.

Clinical research completed

Confirmation of improvement in

Emotional Comprehension


with the Use of Robot 'MOMO'

  (March 2023)

흰색에 파란색 줄무늬

Emotion comprehension + computerized cognitive

contents embedded

momo rendering_edited.png

Robot MOMO

- Joint development with Gangneung City from 2021

- Participation of diverse experts for 3 years

- Application of Why Dots' robot dev know-how

- Effectiveness verification through clinical research

Robot 'MOMO' offers a range of

Colors and Sensory experiences.

(through easily removable covers)

추상적인 이미지

Press Release

Why Dots cooperate with Gangnenug City hall, Korea 

Institute for the Disabled, etc for care robot development.


Gangneung City, distributed beta test version of customized

robot for people with developmental disabilities


Distributed 80 robots helping people with developmental

disabilities to families in Gangneung


Understanding and empathizing

with others' feelings is essential.

Start using Emotion Comprehension

Robot 'MOMO' now.


Youtube Video


If you wish to use Robot MOMO

Please check the above information thoroughly.

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