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Dongdaemun-gu Dementia Safety Center

2019.7  ~ 2019.10

A dementia prevention program was conducted with 12 seniors for 12 weeks from July to October 2019 at the Dongdaemun-gu Dementia Relief Center. Considering the needs of participants and therapists, more diverse cognitive stimulation contents were developed instead of excluding coloring activities. Many elderly people were very happy to see P.O, which was able to express more various movements and emotions.

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Gwangmyeong Dementia Safety Center

2018.5 ~ 2018.6

Gwangmyeong-si Dementia Relief Center conducted a dementia prevention program with 8 seniors in the high-risk group for 8 weeks from May to July 2018. with the elderly  The possibility of forming a relationship between parrot robots and conducting cognitive games  It was the first dementia prevention program that I checked.

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​Jongno-gu Dementia Safety Center

2019.2 ~ 2019.5

At the Jongno-gu Dementia Relief Center, we conducted a dementia prevention program with 10 high-risk seniors for 8 weeks from May to July 2018. The external design of the Pio robot has been improved, and the auxiliary module  We were able to proceed with more expanded content by adding new ones.

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Dementia Safety ICT Program Expo


15 companies at the 1st Dementia Prevention ICT Expo hosted by Gyeonggi Regional Dementia Center  One of the teams participated in the booth exhibition. Many dementia safety centers, public health centers, and visitors were interested in the PIO program and went to experience it firsthand.


Seodaemun-gu Dementia Safety Center

2018.7  ~ 2018.9

At the Dementia Relief Center in Seodaemun-gu, we conducted a dementia prevention program with 10 MCI (mild cognitive impairment) seniors for 8 weeks from July to September 2018. We tried a variety of games and content, and all the seniors enjoyed their participation. also  Significant increases were found in the self-memory assessment (SMCQ) and the elderly depression scale (KGDS) before and after the program.

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