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Computerized cognitive rehabilitation program using robot, Cogbot-Pio

This is a hospital-only program for stroke and mild dementia patients .

The robot 'P.O' effectively increases the patient's concentration,

Efficient treatment by therapists  Help.

Who uses the program

-stroke patient
-Patient with mild dementia (CDR 1)

target patient

Daesang Hospital

- Rehabilitation Hospital
- Dementia Safe Hospital
- Dementia dedicated nursing hospital

program diagram


Loaded with detailed cognitive domain rehabilitation contents

● Visual attention

● auditory attention

Long-term memory

● Short-term memory

● Problem-solving ability

Special symptoms

Representative content


remember location

Pio remembers the location of the hidden box to match it

​visual focus

Catching caterpillars

Catch the caterpillar quickly and feed Pio

​focus on hearing

music applause

Clap along with P.O's gestures and songs

​problem solving


Choose something to buy Pio and pay the right amount

1. Maximum concentration time!

Audio-visual stimulation of robot 'P.O'


2. Stop complex training!

Customized activities for each patient with simple operation


Proceed freely with convenient operation
- Pause, restart, stop function


Personalization to fit the type of treatment
- Set progress time/difficulty


Selection of activities in various sub-areas
- with memory and attention
  Even with special symptoms such as unilateral neglect and aphasia

3. Minimize rejection!

The story of attachment formation with P.O.

​By combining the existing cognitive rehabilitation activities with P.O's growth story, it increases participants' interest and relieves depression by stimulating cognition and emotion in an integrated way.


Cogbot-Pio  Try the program!

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