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Emotional understanding educational robot


Momo Overview

momo rendering_edited.png

This robot has been developed in cooperation with Gangneung City since 2021.

has been developed.


A number of experts participated and the

Robot development know-how has been applied.

Effectiveness verified through clinical studies

Introducing Momo, a robot that understands emotions.


Robot Features

Support for personalized learning for children

Suggest content after analyzing the level of the child

data-driven monitoring

Support for remote monitoring of performance data

momo rendering_edited.png

Interaction-based adherence

High compliance through robot and physical touch

natural voice support

Utilize Naver Clova technology

Service Name


Emotion Comprehension Program


Professor Paul L. Harris (Harvard University))&

Professor Francisco Pons (University of Oslo))

Jointly developed [TEC]based on


Doctor of Nursing, Seoul National University &

Pediatric psychiatrist with experiencego

Emotion understanding education program using robotssecond

Development and clinical effect verified.


Tech Specs

momo rendering_edited.png

AI camera

camera Detect child's movement 

Implementation of various actions

Expression of various motions through 7 degrees of freedom motion

wide touch panel

Providing various expressions and contents of robots

Penguin Character Appearance

Child-friendly appearance implementation



Testimonial Ad Character 1.png

Autistic 6 year old caregiver
​ (Gangneung beta test participant)

It's nice that you tell me the child's name.

Haha The words that the child usually likes

The robot did it, so the kid liked it more!

Testimonial Ad Character 2.png

Guardian of 5-year-old with intellectual disability
​ (Gangneung clinical study participants)

You can learn about the relationship between children

Communicate with peers through conversation

It was nice to learn how.

Testimonial Ad Character 3.png

Caregivers of 4-year-olds with developmental delay
​ (Gangneung beta test participant)

Using the penguin that the child is familiar with

I can talk freely

nice, the robot  Praise and comfort

Because you do It looked so good.



로봇 모모 파이낸셜 뉴스 이미지.png
로봇 모모 프레시안 뉴스 이미지.png

If you want to use robot momo

Please check the above information thoroughly.

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