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PIO_mainimage_ver1.1_대지 1.png

 Parrot robot of whydots 'PIO'
The parrot robot PIO is inspired by the crown parrot.
It is a character-type robot with cute and lovely design.

Smarter 'PIO ver2'
Eye display and wing movement are added.
It has become more diverse and lively.


PiO has changed over time!
Since the early model,
robot PIO. has changed this way.

pio robot_v101.png
pio 2.0.png

PIO  v1.3

PIO  v1.2

PIO v1.3 is a robot for ICT cognitive stimulation program that has a character design reflected appearance, a motor with increased durability, and various sensors. Forming an attachment relationship with users  It is a robot developed with focus on consideration.

PIO v1.2 is PIO v1.1  A strong identity is given as an upgrade model of  It is a robot for ICT cognitive stimulation program that greatly adds external design, durable motor, various sensors, and AI robot functions. 

pio 초기.png

PIO  v1.1

PIO v1.1 is held at Gwangmyeong-si Dementia Relief Center and Seodaemun-gu Dementia Relief Center  8 weeks  As the robot used in the program, the elderly and the robot ​ The first of Y.dots to confirm the possibility of forming an attachment relationship and preventing dementia  Parrot robot model.

PIO  v1.0

PIO v1.0 is a version of PIO created by realistically reproducing the appearance of a crown parrot.  This is an early model. A more realistic parrot's wing movement can be expressed through the patented self-developed gear, and the basic movement of the parrot is added to the basic movement. 

With robot PIO

Meet our cognitive enhancement program !

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