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​Get rid of Corona!

Smile Flower - Pio
home visit program

Minimum risk of infection, maximum care

Smile Flower - Blooming
through robots and tablets
provide cognitive activities

It is a new care solution in the untact era.

Prolonged COVID-19,  deepening  Center's concerns

가정용프로그램_icon_대지 1.png

without fear of infection

take care of the elderly 
can't you take care of it?


outside the center

no location restrictions
Is there no program?


overworked therapist

reduce labor
Can't we increase efficiency?

앵커 1

to solve the problems of the center  

Laughter Flower-P.O's 3 Solutions!

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Solution ①

Non-face-to-face processing of robots

Remotely and freely control the robot

→ It can be done remotely even within 2m
   Programs optimized for social distancing 


Solution ②

Easy to go anywhere

Small and lightweight carrying case

→ Transport the robot comfortably and safely
   Programs can be conducted outside the center


Solution ③

Easy and convenient with the app

App for facilitators to help run the program

→ From explanation to activity in one app at once
→ End of worrying about program planning by providing content

It helps to form a rapport for the elderly,

It is possible to proceed smoothly even at a distance

It was easy to use!

○○-gu Dementia Relief Center therapist

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